About the Federation of Cloth Nappy Retailers

The Federation of Cloth Nappy Retailers has been formed by a group of independent UK based cloth nappy retailers. It has come about to provide consumers with the confidence that the store that they are buying their cloth nappies from although a small trader is a legal & genuine UK based retailer that is dedicated to offering a wide range of products.

The group who communicated with each other on a regular basis prior to FCNR start up decided that there had been many reports within the cloth nappy community of sub standard web sites and service which although limited to just a few retail outlets, could tarnish the whole industry and therefore it was time to take action to ensure that those retailers that were not a part of the negative impression being given were not also tarred with the same brush.

So in October 2011 a number of the independent UK cloth nappy retailers put their heads together and came up with the FCNR, along with a Code of Practice and some eligibility criteria.

Our main aims arising from the above concerns were to ensure that :-

  1. 1. Our members are all trading legally and comply to relevant online trading laws allowing the customer to shop with confidence.
  1. 2.       Whilst we acknowledge there are many other nappy retailers who make or solely stock their own branded products,  our members as small  independent retailers stocking many brands with no links to any specific brand are able to advise freely and unbiasedly from across the ranges we stock – if we don’t have the right brand for you we will willingly advise you to contact another FCNR member.

With all this in place the group hope that consumers will be confident that the retailer they choose will be UK based, legally trading and able to freely advise and supply the right product for you as a customer to the  best of their ability.

Are you a UK based retailer selling multiple brands? Would you like to join us?  Please contact us .


*FCNR acknowledges that there are many single branded retailers on the market and we are not suggesting that these will not be legal UK based sites if they are not members*